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Added limited-edition 25th Anniversary Fn keycap to the keycaps page.



  • Added a few user-submitted pictures to the Pro1 page


Spellchecking and various cleanup tasks


CSS changes, font consolidation



  • History - added a few images and timeline information, rewrote a couple of sections
  • Continuing image updates/organization for Models pages (lots of new images and better organization on the backend)



  • Layout - started using a cute little keyboard key generator, added a bit of info on predecessors of the HHKB layout


Continuing work on image reorganization (backend and frontend). Found some more decent-quality images on an deep dive, plus a couple of small images of the HHKB HG. Still need higher quality HG images as well as press photos of the BT series.

New pages

Per-model pages created!

Currently in alphabetical order. I'll decide later if I want to manually reorder these by release date.

Also created a few more new pages:

I also brought the History and Layout pages back into the main nav - didn't see a point to having a category for two pages. Additionally, worked on other housekeeping tasks to make sure images load properly across various pages.


  • Models page removed, broken out into separate pages by product line
  • Broke out the components pages into separate sections for stock and modding info - see the new sidebar links.

I'm going to stop updating older links on this page to point at current page names/locations - it's not worth the effort considering how simple the site map actually is.


Migrated to mkDocs/Material. I decided I preferred to have a statically-generated site :) Restored images and thumbnail expansion via thumbnail-viewer. Started work on reorganizing images and went on a deep dive through to find lots of great early HHKB images - can't wait to share all of those! I could easily spend another 6 hours working on that but I need to get to bed.

New pages


  • Sliders - added new Deskeys stabilizers/sliders
  • History - Expanded model information and added a few pictures. I want to add more up top about the actual design history but that might require obtaining permissions from original sources.
  • Models - added some new Pro 1 pictures and started working on a backend reorg of images. The only other visible change is that I trimmed down some of the Pro Classic and Pro Hybrid images to remove whitespace.


Settled on a basic JS image thumbnail viewer solution thumbnail-viewer. I like the simplicity but I need to hack together a little script to generate thumbnails and gallery html -for now it's a manual process. Not too bad but not very scalable.

New pages

  • Layout - split this from the previous General Information page
  • History - split this from the previous General Information page. I'd like to include more /information here!


  • Models - official marketing images from PFU/Fujitsu for current models as well as marketing images for a few older models
  • Sliders - added RF Silent, CM Novatouch, JTK and Deskeys slider images
  • Domes - added Keyclack, Deskeys, NIZ and BKE dome images
  • Keycaps - added images for all official keycaps on the page
  • Controllers - added images and additional hardware/firmware details for Hasu Pro2 BT and Yang BLE controllers


Continuing work on fleshing out content. Still deciding on how to approach images!

New pages

  • Domes
  • General Information - I might break this into two pages, one for history, one for a brief overview of currently-available/common models on the market
  • Sliders
  • Controllers - ~~this still needs building out~~ added most of the content


  • Silencing - added some basic /information on aftermarket silencing techniques

In the future, I'd like to add a modding tutorial/guide section, a cleaning guide (thanks to /u/s2hk on reddit for the request!), a catch-all 'interesting facts' page for tidbits that don't fit elsewhere, and to look into whether I can rehost the excellent interview with Eiiti Wada that used to be hosted on

For now, I'll probably just link to existing mod guides that I find to be particularly helpful. Eventually I'd prefer to host my own content, because I definitely have my own opinions when it comes to modding HHKBs that may not fall in line with what others do.

I also need to figure out how to better order the links in the sidebar. For now, they're alphabetical.


Domain registered, initial site scaffolding and content published.

New pages

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