When compared with the MX-compatible keyboard world, the selection of aftermarket Topre/HHKB keycaps is a lot smaller. This is mainly due to the difference in keycap mounts between Topre and MX-compatible switches, and until the late 2010s, the lesser availability of keycap sets with compatible layouts. In the late 2010s, a handful of companies started to produce Topre-compatible keycap sets. So far, community consensus is that they're not quite up to the quality standards of OEM keycaps, but for many users, the difference is negligible and the freedom to customize their HHKBs is worth it.


Now that higher-quality MX-compatible sliders are starting to reach the market, users can experiment with GMK, SA and lots of other keycaps on their HHKBs!

This site doesn't plan to cover MX-compatible keycaps, but noteworthy caps or sets may be featured sometime in the future.

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